A dissertation has several parts. The discussion part is a significant one. You can call it the heart of your dissertation. Here, you analyse your research work and interpret your findings by summarising the entire work.

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How to Write an Effective Discussion?

Are you done with your dissertation? Then, you can focus on the discussion part. You are ready to write the discussion part, which means you have provided the purpose of your study. Also, you have mentioned the methodology in detail. So, this is the time to mention the discussion. The discussion explains the larger implications of your study based on the result. Another feature of the discussion section is that it remains the same no matter what kind of document you submit. Usually, a discussion section must include:

  • The outcome of your research
  • A thorough discussion of the research methods
  • A comparative study between the result and the hypothesis

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What Is the Structure of the Discussion in a Dissertation?

Sometimes, students get the instructions to finish a discussion within one paragraph. Now, students find that difficult sometimes. So, you can add two to three paragraphs in the discussion section. Thus, readers can get a comprehensive understanding of the entire study. Here, you will get to know how to prepare the structure of the discussion:

First Paragraph

The first paragraph of the discussion must have the interpretation of the research work you do. Here, you must present the main part of the supporting evidence.

Second Paragraph

Here, you must compare and contrast your findings with previous studies, highlight the study’s strengths and weaknesses, and mention anything unexpected.

Last Paragraph

Finally, you must summarise the hypothesis. You should also mention the purpose of the study and its significance. Finish your discussion by discussing the unanswered questions and stating the scope of future research on the study.

The Do’s of Writing Discussion of a Dissertation

Now, writing the discussion seems a bit tricky for many students. Therefore, they often depend on cheap dissertation writing services. Still, you must know the basic things you must do while writing the dissertation’s discussion. Have a look-

You Must Provide Proper Interpretation

Many students often think mentioning description is the only important thing about writing the discussion. But that is not the only thing. You must provide the proper interpretation of your study. So, you must explain the significance of your research instead of only mentioning those. Also, you must mention how your study differs from the existing work on the topic.

Talk About the Limitations

You must mention any limitations of your study in the discussion. Be open to such kinds of weaknesses. Also, you must talk about the impact of those limitations on your findings. Here, you can suggest essential steps for future researchers to overcome those weaknesses.

Relate Your Research with Research Questions

It is another important thing you must do while writing the discussion. In the discussion, you must establish the link between the results of your research and the research questions. Also, you must mention how your study effectively answers the research questions. Moreover, you should write how it can address the gaps in previous research.

Follow the Guidelines Carefully

If your institution provides any guidelines regarding discussion, you must know it well. Go through the guidelines properly. Thus, you will understand what your institute expects from you.

Make It Short and Crisp

You don’t need to write a lengthy discussion. First, you should understand the structure of this section. Then, you can start writing. Always keep it short and crisp. This will give readers enough scope to think about your work.

The Don’ts of Writing Discussion of a Dissertation

So far, you have learned what to do while writing the discussion. Now, you must check things that you should avoid. Have a look-

Never Repeat the Results

You must not repeat the results of your research. Instead, you should provide a proper interpretation of those outcomes. You should also analyse the results and write what you think about the topic in the dissertation.

Don’t Exaggerate Anything

You must write about the importance of your findings, but make sure you don’t exaggerate. Also, you may not always find something substantial, so don’t hesitate to state your limitations.

Never Use Anything New

The discussion section must not contain new data or research results. Treat this section as a summary of your dissertation. Here, you should only write about your analysis and interpretation.

Never Make Any Unsupported Claim

You must back your findings with proper citations and references. You must not use evidence not supported by any literature on the topic. Also, you should not draw any general conclusions. Instead, you should summarise your findings to establish your strong points.


Hopefully, you will get a brief idea of the do’s and don’ts while writing the discussion section of your dissertation. Remember, you must provide some scope for the readers to think over your work. Thus, future researchers can use your work as a reference. If you find it too difficult to write, you can always ask, “Can the experts write my dissertation for me?” But do not forget to follow all the above mentioned tips. Thus, you can finish your dissertation with a proper discussion section. Also, seek help whenever necessary.