The journey to finding the perfect wedding dress is a magical experience for every bride. At Curvy Bridal, we understand that every bride is unique, and we are here to celebrate your beauty in all its diversity. Located in the charming market town of Easingwold, Curvy Bridal is a cherished part of The Bridal Affair, offering an elegant selection of dresses designed exclusively for curvy brides. Our mission is to ensure that every bride, regardless of size, feels stunning and confident on her special day. Welcome to Curvy Bridal, your premier plus size wedding dress shop.

Dedicated to Curvy Brides

At Curvy Bridal, we specialize in bridal wear for curvy brides, recognizing the importance of inclusive and diverse wedding fashion. Our boutique is a sanctuary for brides seeking plus size wedding dresses that not only fit flawlessly but also make them feel extraordinary. We believe that beauty knows no size, and our extensive collection reflects that belief.

The Curvy Bridal Experience

  1. Exceptional Selection: Our shop,, features an exquisite assortment of plus size wedding dresses, carefully curated to cater to a variety of tastes and styles. From timeless classics to contemporary designs, our collection ensures that every curvy bride finds her dream gown.
  2. Personalized Service: Our experienced bridal consultants are dedicated to providing a personalized shopping experience. They understand that choosing a wedding dress is a momentous occasion and will guide you through our selection, offering expert advice and support.
  3. Inclusive Sizing: Curvy Bridal offers an extensive range of sizes, ensuring that every bride can find her perfect fit. Our commitment to inclusive sizing means that you won’t have to compromise on style or comfort.
  4. Tailoring Excellence: Our skilled in-house seamstresses will ensure that your chosen dress fits you like a glove. We offer professional alterations to make sure your dress flatters your unique curves.
  5. Accessories and More: Complete your bridal look with our curated collection of accessories, veils, and jewelry, all designed to complement your chosen dress.

The Bridal Affair – Easingwold’s Gem

Nestled in the picturesque market town of Easingwold, Curvy Bridal is proud to be a part of The Bridal Affair, a bridal boutique known for its commitment to excellence in all things bridal. Easingwold’s timeless charm makes it the ideal backdrop for your bridal shopping experience. Explore the quaint streets, enjoy the warm hospitality, and create beautiful memories while finding your dream wedding dress at Curvy Bridal.


At Curvy Bridal, we celebrate the uniqueness and beauty of every curvy bride. Our commitment to providing a diverse and inclusive range of plus size wedding dresses, combined with a personalized and attentive shopping experience, sets us apart as the premier plus size wedding dress shop. Your wedding day is a celebration of love, and we believe that every bride deserves to feel extraordinary. Visit us at and let us help you find the perfect dress that makes you shine on your special day.


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