The Top 5 Most Budget-Friendly Memorial Websites 2023


Nobody wants to lose someone they love and live their whole life in their memories. But we all know that life is unpredictable, and you cannot do much when the last time comes. But we can remember them in our hearts with their most joyful and cheerful memories. And to share the stories of your loved one’s death, there are many memorial websites. This helps the ones who lost the closest to the heart can remember them by putting their profile, some notes, descriptions, Photos, and videos. Some of these memorial websites charged a lot of money to publish a profile on the platform. So, I gathered the most budget-friendly memorial websites for you.

Top 5 Memorial Websites:

1) Heaven’s Portal:

Heaven portal is one of the newest but emerging memorial websites. And they are offering the features of descriptions, Photos, and Videos. And you can also pinpoint the exact location by searching for it on the map. So, mark where your loved one leaves the world.

They are offering permanent services and you only have to pay once. And then the website will live the angle. There are 3 packages you can buy. And the first one is $4.99 which includes description and location. The second package is $7.99, and this includes a description, videos with 3 photos. And the third package is $11.99 which includes the description, 5 photos and also a video.

2) Keeper:

Another website that is amongst the top-notch memorial websites because of its wide range of services. You can create a memorial page for someone else. Or you can also create your page. And make someone the admin after your death. You can write all the moments into the guest book. But the price is very high which is $74.99. For two of their tiers, the core one costs around $1200, and the premium is above $800. And these offers premium services like emails, events, slideshows, and invitations.

3) Gathering Us:

Now, among the memorial websites, this one has the simplest user interface. And the free version is very simple to use with the virtual event feature. While the premium ones offer a different kind of plugin. On this memorial website, you can create the profile of the person that has passed away. And the relative can add photos, and videos to their profile. The platform will cost you around $1400 to $3500. But it all depends on the guest that you wanted to invite.

4) Ever Loved:

This website is one of the most popular memorial websites. And this website generally helps people to get help for the funeral of a died person. Similar features are listed on the website for the free version. And this website offers a safer and more secure place for the audience, and they have the proper privacy that who can post the content. The pricing of this platform is a bit complex. Like first you can use the services for free for the 7-day trial. Then you have to pay around $50 to buy the membership. And after that, you have to pay around 5 bucks for the premium version.

5) iLasting:

It is the fifth on the cheapest memorial websites list because of its features and quality. And like other memorial websites, you can post pictures, embed YouTube videos, and can donate money. And the price for one year is $49.99 and the lifetime membership will cost you around $100.


I gathered the cheapest memorial websites according to their pricing and quality and that is why you might see the cheaper price website in the wrong place. Some of the websites are 1) Heaven portal 2) Keeper 3) Gathering us 4) Ever loved and 5) Fifth one is Lasting.